How We Are Paid

Our fee structure is set out in our Client Agreement which we agree with you in advance of work commencing. We offer an initial meeting at our expense – allowing us to discuss your situation and how we might work together. If you decide you would like us to work on your behalf we will make some recommendations.


Where we implement our recommendations setting up financial arrangements and portfolios we will make an initial charge typically 1-3% of the amounts involved depending on your circumstances. Based on £100,000 being invested, a 3% charge equates to a fee of £3,000.


We feel that an on-going relationship is very important and at outset we will agree a review procedure and review fee based on the type of service that best suits your situation. This will be based on our FOUNDATION, WEALTH MANAGEMENT and LIFESTYLE service propositions offering distinct service levels that are designed to support different financial planning profiles.

We normally express the review fees as a % of the funds being managed. The fee is normally deducted on a monthly basis directly from your portfolio. This will normally be 0.75% per annum, which equates to a fee of £750 p.a. based on £100,000 under management. If Cash Flow modelling is required, we charge 1% per annum.

We also offer a transactional service for those people who do not want to have an on-going service.