Corporate Title

At Elevation, we deliver an independent approach to corporate financial planning. We have a unique team, with personal experience of establishing, running and selling businesses.

We aim to bring our professional experience and sector knowledge to add real value to what you are looking to achieve.

  • Managing and mitigating income & corporation tax;
  • Finance for operational use, acquisition or restructuring needs;
  • Financial protection for the business against death or incapacity of key people;
  • Pensions tailored around the company set up & objectives;
  • Pensions for employees;
  • Advice on selling or retiring from your business;


Employers will need expert help and advice to understand their duties, the impact on their business and the changes they’ll need to make. By now employers should be looking at:

  • The cost implications of the new rules as they are phased in between now and 2018 and the strategies that can be used to mitigate the cost increase
  • The impact on systems and processes. Payroll, HR and existing pension arrangements will all need reviewing
  • Communicating with employees about how they intend to prepare for the new rules and what it will mean for them
  • Reviewing whether they should use their current pension scheme for auto-enrolment or whether something new is needed.

How We Can Help

  • Design – we can select a suitable scheme for you
  • Implement – then we’ll design a process plan that will take you from now to your “staging date”
  • Run- and then guide you through the processes you need to run the scheme thereafter

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